She’s done it.  She told you she wants to do (gasp!) Network Marketing.

Oh no, no, no.  Maybe you’ve heard stories?  Maybe you’ve seen bad results?  Maybe you have no idea what network marketing even means?

Let me stop you right there.  This is NOTHING like anything I’ve seen before.  The Compensation Plan is different.  The people are different.  The products are different.  The results are different.

Guys: Talk to her.  WHY does she want to do this?  How can you help?  Communication is going to be key in your oily journey.  Doing this as a TEAM will make success SO much easier!  You will face obstacles.  You will face tough times.  You will have to help with the laundry…. BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

Girls: Talk to him.  Keep him involved.  Show him he is valued.  Appreciate him.  Communicate!! Show him you are serious.

I know you’re busy.  Both of you.  I hear you, believe me.  But that does NOT mean it can’t happen.  NO EXCUSES.

Every success story has a sacrifice.  What will your success story obstacle be?  How will you overcome it?

Check out the video from my husband and I and hear from him in his own words how he helps to support me!  When we get to Royal Crown Diamond it will be because we did it TOGETHER!

Are you a numbers person?  Want it spelled out for you in a numerical format?  Check out this video

Our upline Leader, Lindsay Teague Moreno is the head of The Lemon Droppers.  She has a great video that really showcases the income potential. I would encourage you all to check it out!

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